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Should I get a spray tan before I go on holiday?

This is a question I get asked all the time. The thought of baring your body in swimwear when it’s been covered up all year and you still haven’t lost those extra pounds you’ve been meaning to lose since New Years Day, can be a scary thought!

A spray tan can give you that extra bit of confidence you need for baring your body – and it always makes you feel slimmer!

There are so many myths surrounding pre-holiday spray tanning so I am going to answer those that I get asked all the time!

Will it go patchy?

The answer is no providing you prepare your skin properly 24 hours before your spray tan. Make sure you shower off any deodorant, oils, and perfumes. Shave and exfoliate really well and then apply no moisturisers so your skin is completely clean and ready to be tanned!

You can always opt for a lighter shade so that as you catch the sun naturally, your spray tan will just blend in!

Will it come off in the swimming pool?

I would recommend avoiding the swimming pool for the first few days of your holiday. Chlorine can accelerate the fade of your spray tan.  But if it’s just too hot to avoid jumping into that gorgeous cool water, you can still enjoy a swim! I would advise taking quick little dips and pat yourself dry once you’ve come out of the pool to avoid rubbing off any colour.

Will I still tan?

Absolutely yes! But remember – a spray tan offers no protection whatsoever from the sun’s harmful rays so always wear a minimum 30 SPF.

Will I be white when I come back as I don’t catch the sun? 

If that’s the case or you just don’t like sitting in the sun, then we can book you back in immediately once you are home – it will be our little secret!!

Here are some tips for making the most of your tan on holiday

  1. Invest in a good quality Sun Cream! Many SPF’s are oil based and oil strips tan from the skin. So opt for an oil-free sunscreen with a 5* UVA rating allowing you to protect both your skin and your tan!  On a budget? Then opt for a once a day sunscreen so you are not overloading your skin with oils!
  2. Have cool showers & always pat dry – never rub
  3. Invest in a good oil free moisturiser. You can even use one with a tan accelerator in it to prolong your tan even more.

If you would like to book your pre-holiday spray tan or have any  questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call and book on 07912 862 953.

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